Professional: Jayashree Kurup,

Query: With the cheap of Rs. 35 lakh- Rs. 40 lakh, I wish to invest in an rental both in Delhi-NCR or Hyderabad. Which is a better option, please information.

Resolution: If you have a look at Delhi-NCR, there are puts the place for your funds you will have the ability to get more or less 900-1100 according to sq. feet. rental and you can get condominium returns round Rs.9000- Rs.1100 monthly . While in Hyderabad, there are puts the place inside of your funds you can get 1100-1600 according to sq. feet. flats and you can be expecting condominium returns of Rs.10,000 to Rs.17,000 relying upon the world you search for which is somewhat greater than what you gets in Delhi-NCR. Individually as an investor, I’d counsel you to select Hyderabad as it’s poised for expansion and likewise has sound basics.


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